About Us

BC Deaf Sports Federation (BCDSF) is a multi-sport, non-profit organization functioning as an umbrella for deaf and hard of hearing athletes in British Columbia.

BCDSF’s mandate includes:

  • establishing and maintaining contact with Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes in British Columbia
  • promoting awareness and acceptance of Deaf athletes nationally and provincially
  • developing interest among Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes and supporters in competitive and recreational sports
  • providing services and support in areas of competition, training, counselling, and administration
  • providing a variety of sport opportunities in which to participate

Long-term goals are:

  • to contact as many Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes in BC as possible
  • to increase public awareness of BC Deaf Sports
  • develop interest in competitive and recreational sports among Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes and supporters
  • to further strengthen the organization

Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes in BC who show the ability and capacity for hard work have been encouraged by BCDSF to try out at the national level for the right to represent Canada at the Deaflympics, for both the Summer and Winter events. Additionally, we encourage all Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes to participate in the Pan-American Games for the Deaf and the Canada Deaf Games.

BCDSF is a registered charitable organization that will issue tax deductible receipts for donations. Contributions are gratefully accepted. BCDSF also publishes a newsletter that tells about recent Deaf sporting activities/events and general interest stories, as well as providing information on upcoming events and competitions.


BC Deaf Sports Federation (BCDSF) was established in February, 1975. However, the inspiration for the creation of BCDSF began eleven years earlier. In 1964, a four-member committee formed to raise funds for the BC teams who wanted to participate in the 9th World Summer Games for the Deaf in Washington, DC, in 1965.

Since the Deaf World Games (now called the Deaflympics) occur every four years, two other committees supporting BC Deaf athletes were formed in 1968 and in 1973. In 1974, it became obvious that a provincial organization was needed to manage and support BC’s Deaf athletes. By 1978, BCDSF was officially registered as a non-profit organization under the BC Society Act and has since been assisting to organize, support, and encourage Deaf and Hard of Hearing athletes to participate in competitive and recreational sports on provincial, national, and, with the support of the CDSA, international competitions.

Updated as of Mar/2014.


BC Deaf Sports Affiliated Clubs or Associations

BC Deaf Sports has a number of affiliated clubs who work with us in partnership or run sporting programs. Listed below is information about our affiliated clubs or programs including BC Deaf Teams.  For more information or to contact our commissioners, please contact the BC Deaf Sports office by email: info@bcdeafsports.bc.ca

Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf

Our focus is to promote all matters of the welfare of the deaf and to foster the social, cultural, educational and recreational activities of the deaf in the Greater Vancouver area.

President: Forrest Smith

Greater Vancouver Deaf Bowling Club

Our monthly 10-Pin Deaf bowling league starts in October and runs until March. They play 6 games on Saturdays starting at 10:00am at Revs Burnaby Bowling Centre.

BCDSF Bowling Commissioner: Christel Devos

Greater Vancouver Deaf Curling Club

We host weekly league sessions every Sunday at 12:30pm starting annually in October and ending in March.  Those sessions are at the Royal City Curling Club (New Westminster).  Fans are welcome to watch the sessions.

BCDSF Curling Commissioner: Frank Chung

Okanagan Valley Association of the Deaf

Our members meet monthly for social and recreational games in the Kelowna Area

President: Paul Landry

South Vancouver Island Association of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Our members meet weekly to conduct sporting events including darts.

President: Mark Dunn

Deaf Golf BC

We host the BC Golf Open, typically in May, annually.  From the BC Golf Open, top golfers go on to attend Canadian Deaf Golf Championships (biannually).  We compete against Alberta teams in the Brooker Cup, held annually alternatively in British Columbia and Alberta.  We offer golf clinics for beginners and advanced golfers to improve techniques including putting, chipping, pitching, full swing irons and hybrids as well as full swing drivers.

BCDSF Golf Commissioner: Mike Parkes

BC Deaf Sports Teams

BC Rockies – Deaf Ice Hockey Team

We are a hockey program that specializes in the development of deaf and hard of hearing hockey players in British Columbia. We train and develop youth and adult hockey players of both sexes and of all skill levels.

BCDSF Hockey Commissioner: David McGregor

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Darts Clubs

Darts players often get together on Friday evenings at the Royal  City Curling Club in New Westminster. For players living on Vancouver Island,  Victoria has their weekly league every Sunday that takes place all year except for in the  summer. We also host  several qualification tournaments and an annual playdown  event every year.

Darts Commissioner: Mark Tarchuk

Updated as of July/2019.