Athlete Development Grant Information aims to facilitate training at the highest level of athlete participation.  For some competitive athletes, this level may be the provincial level, for example participating in BCDSF tournaments or playdowns. For some it may be the national level, participating in one of many sports championships. For a few athletes, the highest level may be the international level, participating at the Pan American Games for the Deaf or the Deaflympics.  Regardless of the level of competition, BCDSF encourages all athletes to develop and exemplify hard work, perseverance and determination, while striving for their goals.


How to apply:

Please fill out the Athlete Development Form available below (as pdf file or complete the online form option) and submit to   DEPEND ON FUNDS AVAILALIBITY.

If you have any questions, please email the BCDSF office.

2021 – Athlete Development Form

Online request form