Athlete Development Grant Application Form


Please mail or e-mail the following:
1. A copy of last year's list of competition events that you participated in
2. A copy of this year's list of competition events that you plan to participate in
3. A resume of your results (within the last year at minimum) provided by your Coach/Trainer or yourself.
4. A copy of your Coach's certification (highest NCCP level) if you have one.

A. Personal Data (to be completed by the athlete)

B. Additional Information Required

NOTE: The funds cannot be used for any competitions.

C. History of Funds Received

D. Your Competition History

Please include the events you have participated within the last 10 years.

E. Training and Current Competition Data

F. Coaching Data

Please continue with the rest of this section if you have a coach training you.
Please mail or e-mail a copy of certificate.

By pressing submit you declare that the information on this application has been filled out to the best of your knowledge and is true and complete. If verification of your information is required, you give us approval to investigate further. In return for any assistance to me under the BCDSF Athlete Development Grant, you agree to fulfil all training and competition commitments, to make yourself available to BCDSF or/and team Canada selection, and to contribute to athlete and coaching development programs run by the BCDSF. You hereby permit the unrestricted use of your name, list of sport accomplishments and BCDSF Athlete Development Grant generated images for the purpose of recognition by the BCDSF officials and the media as they pertain to the BCDSF Athlete Development Grant.

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