Support GVDCC – Recycling


Want to help support Greater Vancouver Deaf Curling Club (GVDCC)?  Please consider donating your recycling pop cans, water bottles and other recyclable drinks.  You do not have to count/sort it .. simple drop off the bags. 

WHAT: Only use clear see through bags or recycle bags.  Do not use black garbage bags.

WHERE: Go to any Return-It Express depot near your home.  

HOW: Find the Express Machine
Click how many BAGS you have. 
Type this phone number code #778-238-7046.
You’ll see a message pop up “You are returning containers for GVDCC”.   Is this correct?  YES 
The machine will print a label for each bag.
Put the label on the bag and drop it off in the large bid. 

They will count the bottles and send money to GVDCC. 

If you cannot drop off the recycling bottles and you have some to give away. Please contact Lois Wood or email to 

Thank you!   
Curling Committee

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