Code of Conducts Forms

For athletes who are competing at a BCDSF sanctioned event, please click to read and print/sign the following pdf file: Code of Conduct Consent form.

For coaches who are coaching athletes under BCDSF support, please click to read and print/sign the following pdf file: Coaches Code of Conduct and form.

Receive Financial Support from BCDSF

Sports on the Move – Travel Grant: Transportation to BCDSF sanctioned events within British Columbia (not outside of British Columbia), beyond 35 km from your home. Note this Grant is first come, first served. Click on the following pdf file: Sports on the Move Grant.

Athletes: please fill out the application form for a training support grant: Athlete Development Form.

Clubs/Teams: if your programs require funding support, consider the Club Assistance Program with the goal of increasing participation, please fill out the following application form: Club Assistance Program.

Pledge forms to support BCDSF activities from your family and friends. Pledges are tax-deductible.  As the BCDSF pledge forms are numbered, please email the BCDSF office to request one.

Letters of request for financial support can be submitted to BCDSF Board of Directors. Approval of requests are based on available funds. Send the letter by mail or in an email as an attachment to BCDSF office. Once received, such letter will be forwarded to the Board of Directors and put on the agenda for the next board meeting.