BC Rockies Vlog – call for players

Following is ASL to English translation of the BC Rockies Vlog – call for players:

Hello everyone, my name is David. I am speaking on behalf of the BC Rockies Deaf Ice Hockey team. We are calling out to all hidden deaf and hard of hearing players across BC to come out. The skill set does not matter, from very experienced to those who are just learning the game. We are inviting you out!

On Saturday February 23rd, we will be having a practice at Surrey Sport and Leisure Complex, it is located in Fleetwood, Surrey. Look at the address that is listed below for your information. The start time is at 8:15 PM and will last until 9:30 PM. We have to have BC Deaf Sports Federation membership in order to join the practice. Not to worry, we have membership forms there for you to fill out.

Once again, I emphasize, we are open to all skills. The important thing is you come out, socialize and enjoy your time. Who knows, you may be lucky enough to get selected to join the Rockies team and maybe go and play at the national events. You may even get a shot at going to play for Team Canada! Come on out and see what kind of hidden skills you have.


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